MSD DynaForce Alternators 

MSD DynaForce Alternators

   MSD knows ignition systems. With over 40 year’s experience of performance and racing electronics, we know what it takes to get the most from your ignition. One of the most important components that ties all of your vehicles electronics together is the alternator. And MSD is excited to introduce the all new DynaForce Alternator line!

  • Designed for maximum output at idle through high rpm
  • Stator and rotor are electrically balanced for optimum performance
  • Dual plane balanced rotor assembly delivers high rpm precision and reliability
  • Hand assembled in the USA and NEVER rebuilt or refurbished units
  • Every unit is delivered with a proof of performance
  • Blue-printed assembly process ensures superior operation and longevity

   Whether you need a high output alternator to power your muscle car, street rod or race car, MSD has you covered with the DynaForce Alternator series. For the street, MSD offers a 120 or 160 amp one-wire alternator. Not only are they designed for extreme output at higher rpm, but MSD balances the current output to keep your electronics charged during idle and lower rpm operation as well.

 120-160 Amp DynaForce Alternator 

The Street model DynaForce Alternators are designed with straight mounts. These mounting tabs fit many GM bracket systems from the mid ‘60s to the mid ‘80s. More models coming soon!


MSD DynaForce for the Track!

Racers will be excited to see two race prepped alternators as well. One compact, lightweight model that provides up to 50 amps, ideal for low content race cars such as circle track cars. For drag cars or other higher content race vehicles, there is a DynaForce 100 Amp output version.

The DynaForce race alternators are engineered to perform in severe racing environments. They’re easily identified with their durable MSD red wrinkle finish and feature one wire installation. A benefit to the race units are that they can be used to charge either 12 or 16 volt electrical systems!

 50 Amp DynaForce Alternator 

The 50 Amp DynaForce is based on a compact housing design commonly referred to as a ‘Denso’ housing. The unit accepts many aftermarket bracket assemblies to accommodate different applications.

 100 Amp DynaForce Alternator 

The 100 Amp race unit is ready to charge your 12 or 16 volt system. There’s an easy to adjust regulator within the unit that allows you to set it for your application. The brackets of the system are designed to fit many common GM and aftermarket based bracket systems.